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Chassis Service

All components of the chassis are checked for serviceability including:

  • Coupling head and safety catch
  • Breakaway cable and clip
  • Drawbar
  • Jockey wheel
  • Chassis condition and attachment
  • Corner steadies
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Road wheels and tyres
  • Suspension assemblies
  • Brakes clean and adjust
  • Road lights
  • 12N and 12S cables and plugs
  • Bodywork, trims and seals
  • External door hinges and locks

The coupling head is checked and the overrun assembly is greased. The handbrake linkage is tested and lubricated, brake shoes are cleaned and the drums adjusted as required. Wheels and tyres are checked for correct specification and legal requirements.

Single Axle - £100.00

Double Axle - £110.00